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How to Troubleshoot Windows Xp Stop Message

  Windows XP is one of the most reliable operating systems available, but it does have its own quirks. However, these quirks can be easily fixed, with a simple Internet search. In this article, we'll discuss how to troubleshoot Windows XP stop error messages. First, the "xp" part of the Windows XP symbol has to be removed from your computer's registry. This step should be performed every time you're using Windows XP. The reason for the "xp" part is that the operating system was first named Windows 95. It was renamed in the 1990's when Microsoft purchased the operating system from Compaq, so there really isn't any need to refer to it as "xp." Next, Windows XP has several different types of errors that occur on it. These errors cause the Windows XP stop message to pop up every now and again. However, the main cause of these errors is a part of your operating system called the "registry." The registry is an essential part of Win